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Shipping FAQS - Every thing you need to know about shipping your cat exercise wheel.

When should I expect my tracking information to appear? 
It is not uncommon for the ship tracking number to be sent to your e-mail inbox 24-36 hours prior to the date your package is processed for delivery by FedEX.

When should I expect delivery? 
Once your package has been processed, FedEX delivery ships within 3-5 business days. Please know that the package will be delivered to your location between the business hours of 9am-7pm. 

What if I need to change the delivery address?
If you need to change your delivery address, you must notify us as quickly as possible. We will contact FedEX as necessary. Please note that all address changes must originate with Cat Wheel Company only.

Can I specify special delivery instructions? 
Your local FedEX carrier does not have any communication with Cat Wheel Company. They will handle your package with the same care and attention as any other packages delivered to your location. 

Can I specify a delivery time? 
Cat Wheel Company does not influence the time of day that FedEX delivers your package. You should expect that your local FedEX carrier will deliver your package at the time that they normally make deliveries in your area. 

What about shipping to Europe or Canada? 
We can ship to any country, but the buyer is responsible for any taxes and duty. Just provide your address and we can reply with a quote for shipping.
We ship to Canada regularly. (You are responsible for duty) Shipping costs from California to Canada approx. $200.00-$220.00 (USD)